Lakshadweep is a group of islands several hundred kilometres off the south western coast of India. With a total surface area of just 32 square kilometres. only ten of the islands are inhabited, and tourists are allowed to visit only one. You reach the islands first by flying to Agatti Island, and then motoring by boat for about an hour to your final destination. Island life is simple, and quiet. The people fish, and cultivate coconuts. The water is a shockingly clear turquoise. The horizon is endless, and the sky is enormous. When it rains, bulbous storm clouds laden with rain almost sink into the ocean. This series features two styles: one soft, and almost hazy, the other textured and heavily detailed. These very different approaches are both true. The former conveys the silence, the smoothness of the wind on your skin, the long days that ease into astounding sunsets before gently gliding into night. The latter style captures the frenetic lines and curves that fill your eyes everywhere you look, from the symmetry of ringed palm tree trunks to thatched roofs, from rough coconut shell husks to the oblong cement breakwater blocks that line the beach. Lakshadweep fills all your senses, and these images help me remember.

The Conversation

Repairing the Roof

View West

To the Village

 The Lookout

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