For two months I travelled on a 33' yacht from London to Marseilles. This passage covered more than 1500 kilometres and managed 181 French canal system locks. The series of images is my interpretation of Boissy, a lovely, secluded spot where we moored overnight, and awoke to a quiet, foggy morning of sweet smelling air and the cacophonous sound of birds coming from the surrounding trees. I'm not sure why my logbook does not have an entry for Boissy, because of the many places we moored, this one was a favourite. Just a small inlet off the Seine, this place gave us a sense of being the first people to see the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The sky was heavy with clouds, the air was intoxicating, and the water at dusk was still as glass - a mirror for heaven to smile upon.



 Boissy Sky

Eastern Light



Light Horizon

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